Anger in the Classroom

anger in the classroomTeachers are given great responsibility and challenge when they enter a classroom. The way that they see, interpret, and act will determine the difference between effective or weak communication and teaching. It is the task of the teacher to learn and prepare for this classroom setting, including the arising of trouble spots such as anger in its many forms.

The strong emotion of anger has many faces and can lead to a complicated array of feelings, actions, and consequences. There is no set plan or technique that will address all of the hazards or nuance of anger. Solutions may need to vary from one student to the next, or from one moment to the next in a single student—or teacher.

Anger in the Classroom is a book written specifically for teachers and other educational professionals, yet may be of direct value to parents and anyone who works with the young. Recognizing the difficulty that anger can cause in schools and in children’s lives, this book looks at techniques and practices aimed at preventing and circumventing the destructive effects of this and similar strong emotions.

Goals of this book for the teacher/reader:

  • to realize depths of knowledge, ability, and understanding in oneself, currently hidden beneath one’s awareness
  • to head off anger and its manifestations before it can take hold in the classroom (or individual)
  • to create a classroom environment which will foster appreciation rather than resentment
  • to provide specific practices—for exploration and for specific results
  • to prepare the teacher for passing experience and knowledge on to students
  • to rekindle the excitement and joy of teaching

Specific features:

  • case stories illustrating concepts and techniques
  • specific exercises conducive to reader development and enriched classroom practices
  • end of chapter questions for readers, and college students on a path to teacher-certification

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