angerMany themes run throughout the Anger in the Classroom book—as many themes run through any classroom or any family. The constant flux and shape-shifting nature of the themes make it difficult to isolate any single theme—for the purpose of exploring, digesting, or influencing what takes place. 

Yet that is what does take place in Anger in the Classroom. Themes are presented, explored, viewed from varied perspectives, as well as observed in interaction with concurrent, co-influencing themes.

Some of these themes will be considered traditional educational text-book themes such as the teacher as a role model or effective discipline. Some might be considered less tangible, more subtle, yet with substantial impact such as a general self-awareness or the ability to inhabit new and continuously expanding perspectives.

What Anger in the Classroom attempts is to offer paths toward uncovering, learning from, and influencing the themes that run through us and around us.

Here is a sampling of themes that weave throughout Anger in the Classroom:

  • Observation
  • Perspective
  • The Teacher as a Tool
  • Studying an Inner Life
  • Preventing the Build-up of Anger
  • Taking Risk, Expanding our Current Limits
  • Igniting Passion in Learning
  • Service with Substance
  • Fun and Joy

There are more, but this is enough to highlight the potential that lies within us, that may be awakened, or remain a vague wish—until time has run out.